Titroline 7500KF

  • Automatic titrator for volumetric Karl Fischer (KF) titrations.
  • Also suitable for dosing tasks and sample preparation.
  • Basic unit includes: 10ml interchangeable head; TM 235 KF titration stand with integrated stirrer and pump; titration vessel TZ 1770; micro double platinum electrode KF 1100 starter kit; power supply 100-240 V.
  • Wide operating range of a few ppm – 100% water content.
  • Polarizable electrode input for set endpoint titrations (“Dead-stop” + KF). 
  • Solvent addition and sample extraction achieved at the push of a button.
  • High visibility and full colour display – easily viewed from a distance or extreme angles.
  • Formula editor for custom calculations.
  • Reagent data securely stored in the intelligent and interchangeable modules.
  • Includes up to three USB, one LAN and two RS232 ports.
  • Results exported as PDF, CSV or via network data transfer. 
  • Integrated user access security / password protection.

Equipment & Instrumentation Overview


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