Laminar Air Flow Solutions


Nino Labinterior - with a focus on customised solutions, special is our standard!

LabService Providers is the exclusive Irish distributor of Nino Labinterior Laminar Air Flow Solutions.

Swedish based Nino Labinterior designs and manufactures advanced laboratory safety ventilation and controlled environment equipment. The company is the leading manufacturer of Laminar Air Flow Solutions in Scandinavia. By delivering superior flexibility, functionality and ergonomics Nino Labinterior has developed an ever-increasing customer base throughout Europe. They focus on providing flexible, customised solutions that are easy to implement and maintain and meet the immediate and evolving needs of individual customers. 

The ninoSAFE range of intelligent engineered, safety cabinets provide clean air solutions offer high levels of operator, product and environmental protection. The company has collaborated closely with customers to create and support biological safety cabinets that offer unmatched quality, precision and reliability with highest level of cleanability. 

The Benefits

Biological Safety Cabinets

ninoSAFE Class II PRO

Can be delivered in a range of sizes with a long list of options and further customised to meet any requirement. It provides superior operator and product protection. EN14269.

ninoSAFE Class II Value

Probably the most affordable safety cabinet on the market – designed to meet the requirements of most laboratories. It is manufactured to the same high level of quality and ergonomics as the rest of the ninoSAFE range but with a limited selection of options. EN12469.

ninoSAFE Cyto

A sophisticated 3-filter cabinet, equipped with circular, easy to change H14-prefilters with exceptionally low pressure drop. This delivers low service costs, very low noise levels, low energy consumption and low CO2 footprint. ninoSAFE Cyto offers the same standard features and customisation opportunities as the ninoSAFE Class II range. EN12469, DIN 12980.

ninoSAFE B2

A microbiological safety cabinet Class II B2. ninoSAFE B2 protects both product and operator. It has 100% exhaust which means no recirculating air. Supplied without in-built exhaust fans and needs to be ducted. EN 12469.

ninoSAFE Class I

A microbiological safety cabinet class I according to EN12469. Protects the operator from the contents of the cabinet. It has an inflow of 0,7 m/s and has H14 exhaust filter which can be combined with an optional additional activated carbon filter.


Large safety cabinet with an interior height of 1000mm and interior depth of 900mm. Easily opened to fit large devices. Manufactured according to EN12469 and can optionally be delivered as a three-filter cabinet with H14 prefilters according to DIN 12980. Can also be delivered as ninoSAFE Class II B2 XL cabinet with 100% exhaust or as ninoSAFE Sterile XL for product protection.

ninoSAFE Isotope

Radiation shielded microbiological safety cabinet Class II – fully customised to meet customer requirements. Fitting the most common generators in the market. Available in a range of sizes and configurations.

Mobile Cage Changing Station


A compact, light-weight unit, equipped with the latest technology in filters, fans and controller. Double ventilated table tops prevent cross contamination between right and left side. A range of configuration and table top options available.

Glove Boxes

ninoSAFE Class III

MSC Class III cabinet designed and manufactured according to EN 12469. The stainless-steel chamber has large glove holes for optimum ergonomics. HEPA H14-filters on both supply and exhaust air with double exhaust HEPA as an option. These cabinets can be equipped with gas tight valves for both supply and exhaust. An optional transfer hatch on one or two sides facilitates the secure transfer of samples / products. Can also be linked to a MSC Class II cabinet. Available in sizes 900 and 1800.

Laminar Flow Cabinets

ninoSAFE Sterile

An open laminar flow cabinet providing a controlled environment to protect products from contamination. ninoSAFE Sterile recirculates parts of the air which gives the HEPA-filter up to 30% longer life. The one-piece, stainless steel table top is easy to clean. ninoSAFE Sterile offers a range of sizes (900, 1200, 1500, 1800) and options as well as customisation opportunities.

ninoSAFE Horizontal

An open laminar flow Laminar Flow cabinet to protect products from contamination. It has a generous work height of 995mm and easy-to-clean one-piece stainless steel or high-pressure laminate table top. ninoSAFE Horizontal is available in sizes 1500 and 1800 and with a range of options and customisation opportunities.