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Hettich – standard and custom made climate chambers

Hettich Benelux specialise in the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of climate control equipment worldwide. In addition to custom build projects, Hettich also supply standard laboratory chambers and cabinets that can be adapted to meet customer specifications.

Pharmaceutical Stability Cabinets

Stability cabinets manufactured in compliance with ICH Q1A directive. Available in two standard versions or custom-made. Units can be placed together in any combination to make a complete wall with floor and ceiling finish. A wide variety of options and accessories are available. Units have a small footprint and due to a unique air circulation system, the entire shelf can be used as a validated surface.

Multi-Purpose Cabinets

Fully customisable to meet individual specifications. Available as an incubator, cooled incubator, refrigerator, freezer. Suitable for microbiological research; stability testing, short-term and long-term materials storage; aging studies etc.

Plant Growth Cabinets

A range of flexible plant growth chambers that can be used for general plant growth studies, tissue culture research, seed germination studies, drosophila research, entomology and in vitro plant studies. All the plant growth chambers use a patented dimmable, broad spectrum white LED lighting system with independently controlled far red LED lighting.

Termaks – Environmental laboratory equipment

LabService Providers is the exclusive Irish distributor of Termaks environmental chambers. Termaks is the leading supplier of environmental chambers in Scandinavia with over 60 years expertise. Termaks develop environmental chambers to meet requirements for simultaneous control of temperature, humidity and light. A microprocessor-based controller makes the chambers easy to operate. Accurate temperature throughout the environmental chambers and a low circulation of air inside the chamber is obtained by a conduct system which keeps most of the air stream outside the working chamber.

Environmental Laboratory Equipment From TERMAKS

Termaks are one of the leading global suppliers of environmental laboratory equipment.

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