Freeze Dryers and Lyophilisers


Solutions for laboratories, food and pharmaceuticals

LabService Providers is the exclusive distributor of Zirbus Technology freeze dryers and lyophilisers in Ireland. Zirbus Technology has specialised in the manufacture of freeze dryers and lyophilisers for laboratories, production and research since 1984 and was the first company in the world to develop and produce freeze dryers with nitrogen cooling. Since the company’s founding, Zirbus has garnered an impressive global reputation for freeze dryer expertise, high quality instruments, with a steadily increasing customer base across the Pharmaceutical, Food and Biotechnology industries putting their trust in Zirbus brand freeze dryers and lyophilisers.

Technology leading freeze dryers and lyophilisers

Laboratory Lyophilisers

Modular construction with an ice capacity of 2-10Kg / 24h.

Pilot Lyophiliser Plants

With a shelf area of 0,12 to 2m2.

Equipment & Instrumentation Overview


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