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Hettich Moplant Milk Analyser – Innovation based on experience

The Hettich Moplant milk analyser is a solid, stainless steel, mobile workstation for using the Mojonnier process to test for butterfat and total solids in milk and other dairy products. It facilitates performing all the necessary steps - dissolving, extracting, centrifuging, pouring off, evaporating, drying, cooling, and weighing - in a single, ergonomically designed location. It streamlines operations and affords a high degree of accuracy (better than 0.02%). The Moplant is easy to install and low maintenance. Single and double models are available. The double model has two hotplates, two vacuum ovens and two cooling chambers. The single model has one of each.

Hettich Benelux

Gerber Instruments – This name stands for quality

LabService Providers is the preferred Irish supplier of Gerber Instruments. Over 120 years, Gerber Instruments has developed a global reputation for quality determination in milk and dairy products. Gerber’s analysis instruments from aerometers to centrifuges are used in Dairy and Food laboratory analysis around the world.

Behr Labor-Technik

LabService Providers is the exclusive Irish supplier of Behr instruments. For more than 60 years Behr products have guaranteed accurate analysis results and optimum work flows in the laboratory. Behr exports its laboratory instruments to over 100 countries worldwide. Their devices for food and environmental analysis have made them a world leading provider in many fields:

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