Hettich – efficient use of valuable space

The Hettcube incubator range from Hettich are economical, new generation incubators combining the advantages of natural and forced convection to provide a stable and uniform environment for cultures. All models provide a temperature range of 1 K above ambient temperature up to +65°C / 0°C up to +65°C. Temperature is maintained by radiated heat for even distribution and the elimination of hot spots for guaranteed optimum growth conditions. Gentle airflow and full temperature uniformity provide 30% more validated usable space than a traditional incubator with the same internal volume. The Hettcube range also occupy 50% less floor space than a traditional incubator with a similar capacity.

With touch screen technology, Hettcube incubators and cooled incubators guarantee intuitive operation with flexible and individual setting options and a host of attractive features.

Hettcube 200/200R -

Interior dimensions: 535 x 690 x 420 mm; internal volume: 150 litres; validated usable volume: 82 litres.

Hettcube 400/400R

Interior dimensions: 535 x 690 x 850 mm; internal volume: 310 litres; validated Usable Volume: 199 litres.

Hettcube 600/600R

Interior dimensions: 535 x 690 x 1415 mm; internal volume: 520 litres; validated usable volume: 351 litres

Termaks –laboratory incubators

LabService Providers is the exclusive Irish distributor of Termaks incubators.

Termaks manufacture high quality, modern design laboratory incubators and bacteriology cabinets.

Series B 9000 Incubators

The range is provided in 4 cabinet sizes (25L, 51L, 130L, 420L). The table top models are stackable and the largest model is freestanding with adjustable feet. All models feature stainless steel interior housing and shelves and a glass inner door for easy inspection. The temperature range is to 100°C.

Series 8000 Cooling Incubators

High quality, cooling incubators designed to provide accurate, reliable sample temperature control and minimum dehumidification. The cabinets are available in two sizes (182L, 400L). Both models are constructed of electrolytically galvanized steel sheets, coated with a grey epoxy polyester paint with stainless steel interior housing and shelves. The temperature range is -9,9 - 70°C. These cooling incubators are easy to operate via a microprocessor-based controller.


Environmental Laboratory Equipment From TERMAKS

Termaks are one of the leading global suppliers of environmental laboratory equipment.

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