FTIR Accessories


FTIR and sample preparation equipment

UK based Specac designs and manufactures FTIR accessories, IR polarisers and pellet press products. The company was the first to market a commercial diamond ATR solution with the Golden Gate, which was launched more than 25 years ago and remains a stalwart of laboratories around the world. Specac have extensive experience of various kinds of IR sampling and accessories going back decades.

Specac’s product range includes ATR accessories, specular reflectance accessories, diffuse reflectance accessories, liquid transmission and gas transmission cells, as well as infrared and terahertz wire grid polarisers, bench-top hydraulic presses, KBr pellet presses, XRF pellet presses, thin film-making kits and evacuable pellet dies.

For online optical spectroscopy or FTIR analysis, Specac offers a comprehensive range of NIR Process Cells suitable for liquid and gas/vapour analysis. The Specac range of FTIR accessories fit into most modern spectrometers easily.

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