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LabService Providers is the exclusive distributor of Zirbus Technology autoclaves and sterilisers in Ireland. Zirbus Technology has specialised in the manufacture of autoclaves and sterilisers for laboratories, production and research since 1984. Since the company’s founding, Zirbus has garnered an impressive global reputation for high quality, customised instruments, with a steadily increasing customer base putting their trust in Zirbus brand autoclaves and sterilisers. All Zirbus autoclaves are made of stainless steel with excellent control and safety features. All conform with DIN 58951. Zirbus medical autoclaves are manufactured in accordance with medical guideline 93/42/EQG, MPG 92/43 and DIN EN 285.

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In addition to the standard range, Zirbus custom manufacture autoclaves and sterilisers to meet the specific needs of individual customers.

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