Wiping solutions for regulated and controlled environments.

We have partnered with leading manufacturers of wiping solutions for regulated and controlled environments. We have done this so we can effectively provide specialised solutions to help our customers maintain compliant and pristine working environments. We offer a wide range of wipes suitable for critical laboratory and manufacturing environments. Our line of wipes includes knitted, woven and nonwoven wipes, pre-saturated wipes, sterile and non-sterile wipes, IPA wipes, microfibre surface wipes, mopping system wipes, and cleanroom disinfecting wipes. Most are supplied in a range of weights and packaging configurations.

Our Wipes Manufacturing Partners


Berkshire is the global contamination control leader for cleanroom and controlled environment consumable products focused on minimising the risk of product and process contamination in regulated and controlled environments. The Berkshire range of wipes includes: cotton cleanroom wipes and cloths for industrial cleaning applications; foam wipes for critical cleaning applications that require a high level of absorbency; kitted polyester wipes for cleanroom and controlled environments; low endotoxin wipes engineered clean to meet the exacting standards of the pharmaceutical, healthcare and medical device industries; microfibre cleanroom wipes; non-woven wipes for cleanrooms and a wide range of industrial manufacturing environments; validated sterile wipes to meet the rigorous requirements of aseptic environments and regulated industries.

ITW Contamination Control

ITW Contamination Control is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial consumables for critical environments. ITW’s products are suitable for industries such as life sciences, consumer and industrial electronics, telecommunications, aviation, equipment and building maintenance. TexWipe (an ITW company) offers a variety of cleanroom wipes tested for fibres, particles, ions, residue and endotoxin to ensure exceptional cleanliness, quality and performance in the most critical environments. The TexWipe range includes dry wipes, pre-saturated wipes, non-sterile and sterile industrial and laboratory wipes to meet the strict requirements of a variety of industries and critical environments.

PROline Protect

Non-sterile, pre-wet biocidal and IPA surface wipes from a world class manufacturer of wipes to major market sectors including Food & Dairy, industrial, HORECA, and facilities management. PROline Protect surface wipes are impregnated with a synergistic blend of bactericides, surfacant and alcohol to provide an ideal way of sanitising when the use of a liquid is impractical.


AGMA is a world leading manufacturer of solutions for cleanroom sanitisation, environmental hygiene, industrial cleaning, corrosion prevention and protection. The AGMA range of cleaning and disinfection products cover the entire needs of cleanrooms of all standards.


The Ecolab range of sterile pre-saturated and dry wipes provide an extensive choice for use on hard surfaces in controlled cleanroom environments. Their pre-saturated wipes are available in pouch and mop formats for small and large surfaces. All cleanroom wipes are gamma irradiated and composed of low particulate, non-woven or 100% polyester material or binder-free, hydroentangled polyester/cellulose.

Contamination Control & PPE Consumables


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