Stationery for critical environments.

We have partnered with leading manufacturers of stationery for regulated and controlled environments to offer a range of stationery suitable for critical cleanroom and manufacturing environments. Our range of stationery includes cleanroom bond paper, cleanroom notebooks, self-adhesive cleanroom notepads, cleanroom pens, cleanroom clipboards, cleanroom labels and tape.

Our Stationery Manufacturing Partners


Berkshire is the global contamination control leader for cleanroom and controlled environment consumable products focused on minimising the risk of product and process contamination in regulated and controlled environments. Berkshire provide customers with technically advanced materials aimed at application performance. This includes critically low-shedding cleanroom paper products engineered clean for cleanrooms and critical environments.

ITW Contamination Control

ITW Contamination Control is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial consumables for critical environments. ITW’s products are suitable for industries such as life sciences, consumer and industrial electronics, telecommunications, aviation, equipment and building maintenance. The ITW Texwipe range of cleanroom stationery products includes engineered clean synthetic latex or copolymer papers, notebooks with chemical resistant covers, clipboards, notepads, labels and tape.

Contamination Control & PPE Consumables


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