Matting solutions for a range of environments and budgets.

LabService Providers offer a range of mats to control dirt contamination in high traffic areas. Our matting solutions range from temporary adhesive coated mats to long-life, high tech polymeric, high track mats for a range of environments that provide protection against bacteria and contaminants.

Our Mats Manufacturing Partners

CC Matting

CC Matting provide advanced, high-tech polymer contamination control mats proven to provide 99.9% protection against floor level bacteria and contaminants. Their matting products are suitable for life science industries, nursing homes, hospitals, schools and data centres. CC Matting polymeric, anti-microbial mats protect aseptic cleanrooms from viable and non-viable microbial contamination and eliminate the threat of cross contamination outside processing suites and potent compounding suites in any form of environment. 

ITW Contamination Control

ITW Contamination Control is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial consumables for critical environments. ITW’s products are suitable for industries such as life sciences, consumer and industrial electronics, telecommunications, aviation, equipment and building maintenance. 

Contamination Control & PPE Consumables


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