Gloves & Hand Hygiene


Solutions for cleanrooms, laboratories and critical environments.

We have partnered with leading manufacturers of sterile and non-sterile gloves and hand hygiene products designed for use in laboratories, cleanrooms and critical manufacturing environments. We offer a range of latex and nitrile disposable gloves along with glove liners and finger cots.

Our Glove Manufacturing Partners

Shield Scientific

Shield Scientific, with headquarters in the Netherlands, is focused on the design and production of hand protection for the laboratory and high technology sectors. Shield Scientific offers laboratory gloves CE marked PPE category III (Complex Design) to meet European and International standards and continue to develop new technologies to improve user comfort without compromising on protection and skin care. Shield Scientific offer: laboratory / cleanroom gloves; gloves against chemical risk (ISO 374-1:2016); protective gloves against biological risk (ISO 374-5:2016); cleanroom gloves to protect the process and the products; cleanroom gloves for excellence in aseptic processing; cleanroom and laboratory gloves with extremely high levels of comfort.


Berkshire is the global contamination control leader for cleanroom and controlled environment consumable products focused on minimising the risk of product and process contamination in regulated and controlled environments. Berkshire’s re-launderable polyester and nylon full-finger BCR glove liners are suitable for use with latex, vinyl and nitrile gloves within critical and controlled environments. 

Hand Hygiene

Mysolgel Citrine & Specialist Hand Sanitising Gel

Contamination Control & PPE Consumables


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