Eye & Hearing Protection


Eye and hearing protection for a range of cleanroom, manufacturing, and laboratory environments.

Lab Service Providers offer a line of safety spectacles, goggles, face-shields, ear plugs and ear defenders. Our range of modern eye and hearing protection from industry specialists combines functionality, quality and design and is suitable for a wide variety of cleanroom, manufacturing, and laboratory environments.

Our Eye and Hearing Protection Manufacturing Partners


Uvex offer personal protective equipment from head to toe, with manufacturing expertise in all areas. The range of safety eyewear from Uvex – everything from safety spectacles and full vision goggles to prescription and laser protection goggles - combines exceptional design with maximum comfort and outstanding protection. At the company’s German manufacturing facility, Uvex develops and produces premium coating systems to create high performance products.


Isofield are manufacturers of high quality, clean, and sterile PPE for the Life Science industries. The Isofiled range includes specially designed autoclavable goggles, sterile cleanroom masks, sterile and non-sterile nitrile and latex cleanroom gloves (including extra-long options), garments, and other sterile PPE needed for GMP Grade A/B/C and D environments. All Isofield products are processed and packed in NEBB Certified ISO Class 5 (Class 100) cleanrooms.


Designed around you!

The result of an extensive R&D project headed up by a specialist team with decades of safety eyewear experience, Riley takes a completely fresh look at eye protection. Riley’s fresh approach is based on 4 core principles: safety, precision, comfort, style. The result is simplicity without complication. Each model in the Riley safety eyewear range is crafted to exceptional standards with a distinctive, modern style that workers will want to wear. By listening to the needs of workers and Health & Safety managers across a wide range of industries and combining the very latest technology with innovative designs Riley created a range of high quality, modern safety spectacles, goggles and face shields.

Alpha Solway

Alpha Solway has a long history of manufacturing PPE equipment for professionals across industry and healthcare. Part of Globus group, Alpha Solway is one of the world’s fastest growing manufacturers of worker safety solutions across a range of areas including hearing protection. With unique style and identity, their solutions are bespoke and built on the cornerstones of protection, wearability, compliance, and productivity.

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