Cleaning Tools

Cleaning Tools

Cleaning tools for professional users.

We have partnered with leading manufacturers of cleaning solutions and tools for professional users in a wide range of critical laboratory and manufacturing environments. The range includes mop systems, mop cover refills, isolator cleaning tools, and large wipes for floor cleaning applications. 

Our Mops & Floor Wipes Manufacturing Partners

ITW Contamination Control

ITW Contamination Control is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial consumables for critical environments. ITW’s products are suitable for industries such as life sciences, consumer and industrial electronics, telecommunications, aviation, equipment and building maintenance. TexWipe (an ITW company) manufacture mops, covers, head refills, buckets, carts and liners. All are designed specifically for cleanrooms and offer premium contamination control. ITW offer a variety of mop types and covers to suit virtually every need – large areas, isolators, and for companies wanting to use standard wipes as covers. The company also offers a complete line of cleanroom buckets, featuring a seamless, stainless steel bucket construction, and carts to build the perfect mopping system.


Berkshire is the global contamination control leader for cleanroom and controlled environment products focused on minimising the risk of product and process contamination in regulated and controlled environments. The company’s cleanroom mops and cleaning tools are designed for the most efficient surface cleaning of walls, floors, ceilings, and other critical areas – with ergonomics in mind.

PROline Protect

Laundered, 100% polyester mophead and cleanroom flat mop system from a leading manufacturer of cleaning solutions for controlled environments. The PROline Protect mop provides high levels of absorbency, good chemical resistance and is ideal for dusting, cleaning and disinfecting. It is sterilisable and launderable for re-use.

Vileda Professional

Vileda Professional is a world leader in developing and manufacturing innovative cleaning tools for a range of application areas such as healthcare, controlled environment, general building cleaning and HORECA. Specific to controlled environments, Vildea Professional offers a dedicated range of products to comply with GMP/ISO regulations. With ergonomics, function and design as key focus areas in the product development process, Vileda offer solutions that allow companies to clean faster, more effectively and at lower total costs. Their products deliver best-in-class efficiency and performance.

Contamination Control & PPE Consumables


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