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A new Dimension in Particle Analysis


A new Dimension in Particle Analysis

The leading companies for particle characterisation – Retsch Technology, Microtrace and MicrotracBel – united to become one enterprise: MICROTRAC MRB! The three companies share a passion for making particle analysis more accurate, more effective and more convenient. MICROTRAC MRB is a technology leader, committed to innovation, with an extensive global network and unrivalled offering in particle characterisation.

LabService Providers are proud to be the exclusive distributor of MICROTRAC MRB particle shape and size analysers in Ireland. For more information contact Doug on 087 0669949 /

Microtrac SYNC – combining laser diffraction with dynamic image analysis

With the SYNC particle analyser, MICROTRAC MRB integrates its highly accurate tri-laser diffraction technology with its versatile image analysis capability to provide particle characterisation practitioners with a unique measuring experience. The patented synchronous measurement technology allows users to make both a laser diffraction measurement and an image analysis measurmeent on a single sample, in the same sample cell at the same time:

  • One sample
  • One optimal bench
  • One flow path
  • One sample cell
  • One analysis

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The best of both worlds!

The SYNC provides traditional users of laser diffraction technology with exciting new capabilities to characterize their materials. The proven Tri-Laser technology provides accurate and repeatable laser diffraction results from light collected over 163 degrees of angular scatter. When combined with state of art camera technology capturing images of the particle stream at the same time, the SYNC offers not only size data but significantly more information about the shape of the materials and the quality of the dispersion. Material is either dispersed in a carrier fluid for wet measurements in the FLOWSYNC or dispersed in air for dry powder measurements in the TURBOSYNC.

As the sample stream passes through a single measurement cell in the optical module, it is interrogated by the lasers. The sample stream is simultaneously illuminated by stroboscopic LED to allow the high-speed camera to take images of the same sample. This allows users the flexibility to determine particle size distributions from an ensemble sample dispersion as well as the ability to examine single particles or groups of particles from the hundreds of thousands of images captured by the camera. The user ultimately has the ability to look individually at a laser diffraction analysis or an image analysis, or at a combination analysis using the patented BLEND feature. This combination analysis provides QC users the ability to qualify their data using two methodologies at the same time and provides R&D users with a powerful tool to characterize new materials.