Floor Standing Autoclave

Floor Standing Autoclave

72 up to 700 litres chamber capacity

The floor standing autoclaves distinguish them selves particularly through their low charging height of only 780mm.

Their compact overall size could be realized thanks to the square BoTec- chamber system. With the useful chamber interior height of 800mm it is possible to sterilize high sterilization goods, fermenters for example. This combination, low charging height and big chamber interior height, provides you an optimum of usability and operation.

The loading and unloading of the chamber can be simplified additionally through optionally obtainable transport- and loading cars or through removable shelves.

The autoclaves with a chamber volume of more than 145 litres have a space- saving vertical automatic door with low-maintenance door seal according to DIN and TRB 402.

All models are equipped with a fully automatic microprocessor control with LCD-Display and foil keyboard. A large variety of accessories for example FDA/ GMP conform version, exhaust air filtration or push-through version, makes it possible to fit the autoclave for every application.

Laboratory Vertical Autoclave

with a chamber volume of 80 to 150 litres

Designed taking the most important aspects of sterilization in the laboratory into consideration:

  • Simple, through touchscreen control and low loading heights from 740mm.
  • Safe, through a pressure container with automatic cover seal, manufactured from high-strength and polished 1.4571/ AiSi316Ti stainless steel throughout. Configured for a sterilization temperature of max. 143°C.
  • Sterility, through combined pressure and temperature control, inspected by an independent and certified test laboratory.
  • Efficient, through efficient insulation and a steam generator independent of the sterilization chamber, resulting in short heating up and cooling down phases.
  • Reliable, through the use of high quality components and manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 quality standard requirements and the German Medical Devices Act (MPG).
  • Flexible and individual through its modular construction. The autoclave can be individually matched to your tasks and upgraded at any time. Also after delivery of the device.
Laboratory Vertical Autoclave