Water Purification System


Astacus² models are designed for a daily consumption of less than 100 l and are equipped with a MemPak purification cartridge.

Astacus² is available in different versions (Reagent, Analytical & LifeScience) to meet the specific requirements of ultra pure water for different applications.

The systems also have the new fixed and flexible dispenser and a big touchscreen with easy to use menus and wizards.

  • Resistivity 18.2MOhm x cm
  • Flow Rate UPW 2 l/min
  • TOC:
    • < 10 ppb (Reagent)
    • < 1 ppb (Analytical with UV )
    • < 5 ppb (LifeScience with UV and UF )
  • Endotoxins: < 0.001 EU/ml endotoxins (LifeScience)


The miniTOC instrument uses the classic flow-through concept for online TOC control. The efficient UV oxidation of organic compounds by the “direct surface” principle in combination with conductivity detection guarantees the high precision of the measured values.

The automated functions of SST and calibration facilitate a high standard of safety and minimised operating costs in controlling the water.

The system is controlled on the basis of Windows 7 embedded software and through a TFT touchscreen. All data are encrypted and stored in a specific file for each day. The user has no opportunity to manipulate the raw data.

This is an easy to use system which brings quality control to your lab at an affordable level. The miniTOC is a valuable accessory for all ultrapure water systems. miniTOC can also be ordered with interval measuring, enabling up to 3 measuring points or loops to be controlled online with just one system. The interval can be configured by the user.


Two innovative instruments, uniTOC online and uniTOC lab, combine high-end analytical components certified to DIN EN 1484.

The graphical control with the 10” touchscreen display and the data management of the control and analysis software meet all international standards for the determination of TOC.

The instruments are designed for monitoring process water in areas such as pharmaceutical, microelectronics or chemical applications, as well as the production of potable water or ultrapure water.

With the uniTOC analysers, membraPure provides the perfect instruments to meet the demands of the existing regulations.