Centrifuge Refrigerated Professional Mod Neya 10r

Centrifuge Refrigerated Professional mod. NEYA 10R


Maximum capacity 4 x 175 ml
Maximum speed 6.000 rpm

  • Automatic rotor detection, check of presence of accessories and compatibility with maximum speed
  • Safety speed limiter function
  • 10 storable programs with protection function
  • Setting of speed in RPM and RCF
  • Short Spin function and precool (NEYA 10R)
  • Temperature range from -10°C to +40°C (NEYA 10R)
  • Controlled by microprocessor and backlit color LCD display with contemporary visualization of all parameters
  • Digital adjustment of acceleration and deceleration levels
  • Stainless steel internal bowl with optimal height for load and download of samples
  • Imbalance detection system with automatic functioning stop to avoid accidents
  • Automatic locking system of the lid, safety opening of the lid in case of absence of electric power
  • Brushless motor maintenance free and no deposits

ONDA Spectrophotometer UV-30 SCAN (UV/Vis)


  • Auto setting wavelength
  • Tungsten lamp & Deuterium lamp turning on/off individually to extend lifetime
  • Basic Mode: Absorbance, Transmittance, Concentration
  • Quantitative: Standard Curve, Coefficient Methods
  • Display standard curve and curve equation
  • Display total 50 groups of data, 3 groups per screen
  • System also saves the test results (total 200 groups of data and 200
    standard curves); it is convenient for check and reload
  • Data restoration after a sudden power cut
  • Large LCD screen (128×64 Dots)
  • Large sample compartment: accommodation of 5-100mm path length
    cells with optional holders
  • Pre-aligned design makes it convenient to change lamps
  • A variety of optional accessories are available
Onda Spectrophotometer UV 30 Scan
PH 8 Bench PH Meter with Electrode with Stirrer

pH 8 Bench pH-meter with Electrode with Stirrer


pH meter benchtop digital microprocessor, resolution ± 0.1 / 0.01 pH . Large graphic display 2-color backlit. Manual or automatic temperature compensation with probe NT 55. Automatic calibration from 1 to 3 points for pH. Buffers selectable NIST, USA, or user-defined values. Viewing on the display of buffers used for calibration, the electrode status. Intuitive management parameters through icons. Messages of self-diagnosis. Magnetic stirrer integrated (only in version B) but also be positioned at a distance of 50 cm with control independent of the speed of agitation. Keyboard splash-proof IP54, warranty on the electronics of 3 years.

Measuring Range:

pH 0.00 … 14.00 (1 pH 0.0); mV -2000 … + 2000 (0.1 mV); °C 0 … 100.0 (0.1 °C);

B version. pH meter pH 8 complete with electrode glass XS Polymer, cable S7 / BNC, temperature probe NT 55, support holder, magnetic stirrer with adjustable speed, coloured pH buffers, glasses for calibration with stirring bars and power supply.

COND 8 Bench With STIRRER Without Cell


Conductivity benchtop digital microprocessor with large graphic display 2-color backlit, resolution 0.01 µS. Automatic and manual calibration with recognition of 4 conductivity standards (84; 1413 µS, 12,88 and 111 mS) from 1 to 4 points with calculation of the different cell constants and a standard defined by user. Automatic change of scale, automatic and manual temperature compensation (0.0 … 100.0 °C) . Reference temperature (15 … 30 °C), Linear temperature coefficient (0.00 … 10.00%) and cell constant (C = 0.1 … 10.0) selectable. Visualization on the display standards used for calibration. Intuitive management parameters through icons . integrated magnetic stirrer (only in version B) but also be positioned at a distance of 50 cm with independent control of the speed of agitation. Keyboard splash-proof IP54, 3 year warranty on the electronics.

Measuring Range:

0.00 µS … 2 00.0 mS; TDS: 0.1 mg / l … 100.0 g / l; °C 0.0… 100.0 (0.1 °C)

Version B COND 8 without cell conductivity, support holders, magnetic stirrer with adjustable speed, 2 standard calibration, glasses for calibration with stirring bars 2 standard calibration and power supply.

Cond 8 Bench with Stirrer without Cell