Cryoscope Gerber c1 and c1a

Cryoscope Gerber C1 and C1A

To reliably and rapidly determine the freezing point in milk acc. to ISO 5764/IDF 108. During the daily inspection of water content in raw milk, the device would be working extremely quietly. The dynamic cooling system, allows a maximum sample throughput even at ambient temperatures up to 35 °C.


Test time: approx. 90 sec
Sample volume: 2.0 ml or 2.5 ml
Resolution: 0.1 m°C/m°H
Range: 0 bis -1500 m°C/m°H
Repeatability: ± 2 m°C/m°H
Temperature: 15-35 °C
Voltage: 110-240 VAC/50-60 Hz

Including standard solutions, heat transfer solution, coolant and test tubes.

Colony Counter

For reliable and efficient counting of bacterial colonies.

Novelties of our ColonyCount V

  • Ergonomic and optimized design
  • Unique Light Dispose Grating (LDG)
  • Adjustable background and side lighting
  • Multifunctional graphic display
  • Acoustic and optical count signal
  • Data storage and data management
  • Wide variety of optional accessories


  • Intelligent, reliable, accurate and fatigue-free counting out of Petri dishes
  • Uniform illumination of the counting area
  • Glare-free working
  • User-friendly menu-driven operation
  • Seamless documentation (GLP)
  • Display : Graphic display with keypad
  • Standard magnifier: Dual-magnification
  • Illumiation: LED side and from bellow (LDG)
  • Petri dishes: Ø to 120 mm
  • Powersupply: 100 to 240 VAC/ 50 – 60 Hz
Colony Counter
Milk Butyrometer

Milk Butyrometer

Measuring device for the fat determining content in milk.


Made of borosilicate glass, plain neck or ring neck, closed bulb with a frosted label, without stopper


  • Milk butyrometer Original Gerber
  • Milk butyrometer acc. standard ISO
  • Milk butyrometer acc. standard ISO calibrated
  • Precision milk butyrometer
  • Milk butyrometer acc. to national standards